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Don't let your friends go unnoticed 

The summer holidays are slowly coming to an end.....

It's time to get back to the realities of kids going back to school, and the fast approach of Labor Day, which hails in the start of the 'season' and very soon we'll see Holiday merchandise suddenly flood our stores, social media and advertisements everywhere. Always a little strange to see Sleigh Bells when it's still sweltering outside.

During the long summer break, it's likely that you got to enjoy some downtime and relaxation - at least for a few days, a weekend, or if you're lucky a week or so.

In the South, people try and flock cooler climes in the mountains away from the 'oven'. Others will have visited family or friends at the beach, in a cabin, by a lake or simply at a loved ones' home.

Whatever you did this summer, there is normally someone to thank for the time and effort in making your vacation special. 

Sometimes it makes people feel extra special to let them know how you feel after the stay.....even if you'd brought them a host or hostess gift.

Consider one of our lovely 'Thank you' gifts to send. Each gift is exquisitely packaged and comes with a personal hand-written card, and shipped for FREE in USA.

From all of us at ML, we hope you had a wonderful summer.

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