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D'Andra Simmons & Mint-Lavender. A new collaboration.

Mark Stafford

Posted on June 19 2019

D'Andra Simmons & Mint-Lavender. A new collaboration.



well, that's to put it mildly....

Our dear friend and illustrious Real Housewife of Dallas D'Andra Simmons and Mint-Lavender have collaborated on 3 new fabulous gift boxes.

D'Andra Simmons' cosmetic brand "Hard Night. Good Morning." has recently relaunched their brand and packaging, which is truly stunning. So we decided to invite D'Andra over to the Mint-Lavender office to pick her favorite gift items from the 100s of products that we have, sourced from all around the world.


The result.....3 unique curated boxes with D'Andra's "Hard Night. Good Morning." products and her favorite picks from Mint-Lavender. Each gift box is personally hand-signed by D'Andra herself, which makes them that much more special.

Drum roll........the boxes are!


Queen Bee


Bestie Box


Detox in a Box

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