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Marvelous Moms

Mark Stafford

Posted on May 07 2019

Marvelous Moms

It's almost that time. May 12th is time to celebrate Mother's Day.

Moms are really rather special people. After all, if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here. This year, I wanted to write about my own mother. Although she lives in London, England and we celebrated British Mother's Day back in March, I felt she deserved a shout out.

I technically met my mother on Friday July 6th 1973 - not that i remember it - but apparently it was just after lunch time. Very civilized.

I was very lucky to have a happy childhood, which i know not everyone has that opportunity. Mom, or 'Mum' as we say in the UK, was always just one of those people who smiled. She was always soft in her tone, always smelled lovely - an unforgettable and comfortable 'mummy smell'. 

I always remember mum being really engaged. It was more like she wanted someone to 'chat' to, rather than speaking to me in a childlike way. Even by about the age of seven or eight, we'd have demon backgammon and scrabble competitions - and no, she wouldn't let me win!

She was, and is still my best friend. Although there is 5,000 miles between London and Dallas, we pretty much speak everyday.

So what make moms so great?

#1 They are wonderful listeners

#2 They give the best hugs

#3 Nothing beats Mom's home recipe

#4 They forgive us without hesitation

#5 They always seem so wise

#6 They protect us like lionesses

#7 Mom's know what you're thinking before you speak

#8 No one knows us better

Enjoy a special day with Mom this Sunday. Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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