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Spring is in the Air

Mark Stafford

Posted on April 09 2019

Spring is in the Air

The Spring has sprung. The birds are chirping. The trees are budding. The flora and fauna have awoken.

 What a perfect time to picnic.

 But have you ever wondered where this wonderful pastime originated from?

 Picnic was borrowed from French piquenique, a word which seems to have originated around the end of the 17th century. It is not clear where it came from, but one theory is that it was based on the verb piquer 'pick, peck' (source of English pick), with the rhyming nique perhaps added in half reminiscence of the obsolete nique 'trifle.' Originally the word denoted a sort of party to which everyone brought along some food; the notion of an 'outdoor meal' did not emerge until the 19th century."

 Picnics conjure up images of lazy afternoons lying in a park, or under a tree with a cornucopia of delicious bites of finger sandwiches, cold meats, crust bread and cheeses all accompanied by a chilled glass of wine….or two.

 It’s the perfect time to catch up with friends or a loved one. Chatting and giggling away with a smorgasbord of yumminess. Or simply catching up reading that book you’d meant to start for oh so long. However you enjoy picnics, it’s truly one of those magic traditions that we mustn’t lose.

Have a look at our wonderful "Picnic in the Park" picnic hamper and get the most out of memorable days of the spring and summer this year. The picnic hamper contains a beautiful Corkcicle 25oz Canteen that hold a whole bottle of wine, alongside an elegant Jean Dubost 3 Piece Cheese Set, a VISKI Signature Wine Opener a Merlot Red Wine Confit and a Touchons and Bouchons Linen Kitchen Towel. Perfect for your feasting!

Happy picnicking from all of us at Mint-Lavender!

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