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Sweet Valentine

Mark Stafford

Posted on January 19 2019

Love Potion No.9 Valentine's Gift



Roses are Red. Violets are Blue, but we at Mint-Lavender love you too!

Oh, the special time of year has come again and you’re starting to think of what to get your loved one. Is it flowers? Is it chocolates? Is it jewelry? Or perhaps a romantic meal? Oh the choices!

Whatever you decide to do, make it thoughtful. I know that sounds obvious, but too often we are pressured to spend a fortune and forget about the little things that can make someone’s day special.

First things first. Say “I love you” when you wake up.

Consider running a bath with some lovely bubble bath or salts for your loved one.

Write some thoughtful notes and place them around the house or the car for your loved one to find.

If you’re brave enough, write a little poem from you heart. It doesn’t matter how romantic or silly it is. Make them cry or laugh.

Consider making a “Valentines” cocktail (or mocktail), using cranberry or grenadine to give your drink a romantic red glow.

If you’re cooking at home, try and cook food with natural aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, asparagus, cinnamon……and of course, chocolate.

Light a beautiful candle and settle down to a romantic movie. Aaawwwww.


    Of course, at Mint-Lavender, we are here to help you make this day special. We have a range of Valentines Gift Boxes for him and for her. Each box has been hand-curated to provide the perfect treats for the special day. From our Love Potion No.9 box for her to the Cary Grant box for him.

    With love from Mint-Lavender.


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