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Texas Loud. Texas Proud.

Mark Stafford

Posted on March 01 2019

Texas Loud. Texas Proud.

Happy Texas Independence Day!

On March 2nd, 1836. 59 delegates signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. It also marks the date for Texas Flag Day and Sam Houston day. Truly an auspicious day for proud Texans.

So how Texan do you think you are? Can you answer the following questions to see if you can earn your spurs?

1. What is the large state animal of Texas?

2. What is the small state animal of Texas?

3. What is the state flower of Texas?

4. What is the state tree of Texas?

5. What is the state insect of Texas?

(Answers at the bottom)

To celebrate this day, we at Mint-Lavender have created our very own Texas Box for one of our Texas-based clients. Pretty cool eh?


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(answers: long horn, armadillo, bluebonnet, pecan, monarch butterfly)

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